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10 Powerful Ways To Incorporate Meditation Into Client Training Sessions

Incorporating meditation into personal training and other fitness sessions can offer a holistic approach to fitness, addressing both the physical and mental wellbeing of clients. Laurie Arrowsmith explains.

The benefits of meditation are widely known. Here are 10 top strategies that Personal Trainers and other fitness professionals can employ to seamlessly integrate meditation into their work with clients.

Mindful Warm-Ups

Begin each session with a brief mindful warm-up. This can involve simple breathing exercises or gentle stretching routines that encourage clients to focus on their breath and bring awareness to their body. This sets a positive tone for the session and helps clients transition from their busy day to a focused training mindset.

Breathing Techniques

Teach clients various breathing techniques that they can use during and outside of training sessions. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing can help reduce stress, enhance focus, and improve oxygenation of the muscles. Incorporate breath awareness into exercises, reminding clients to connect their breath with their movements.

Cool-down Meditations

Dedicate the last few minutes of each training session to a guided meditation during the cool-down. This can include progressive muscle relaxation or a short mindfulness meditation focused on gratitude or positive affirmations. This helps clients transition from the intensity of the workout to a state of relaxation.

Visualisation Techniques

Integrate visualisation exercises into training sessions to enhance performance and goal-setting. Guide clients in visualising the successful completion of exercises, achieving fitness milestones, or even envisioning a sense of accomplishment. Visualisation can boost motivation and confidence.

Restorative Yoga or Stretching Sessions

Incorporate elements of restorative yoga or stretching sessions that emphasise mindfulness. These sessions can involve slower, deliberate movements accompanied by conscious breathing, promoting relaxation, flexibility, and a heightened mind-body connection.

Mindful Walking or Running

For clients engaged in cardiovascular activities like walking or running, encourage mindfulness during these exercises. Guide them to pay attention to their surroundings, focus on their breath, and stay present in the moment. This can turn routine cardio workouts into meditative experiences.

Mindfulness Challenges

Introduce short mindfulness challenges or tasks during workouts. For example, challenge clients to maintain awareness of their form, breathing, and body sensations while performing a specific exercise. This not only enhances mindfulness but also improves exercise effectiveness.

Group Meditation Sessions

Host occasional group meditation sessions for clients. This can be a separate offering or integrated into a weekly or monthly fitness class. Group meditation fosters a sense of community and provides clients with additional tools for managing stress and enhancing overall well-being.

Mindfulness Check-Ins

Begin each session with a brief check-in on the client’s mental and emotional state. This allows Trainers to tailor the session based on the client’s needs that day. It also reinforces the importance of mental wellbeing alongside physical fitness.

Educational Workshops

Host workshops or seminars on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Educate clients on how these practices complement their fitness goals and contribute to overall health. Provide resources and recommendations for incorporating meditation into their daily lives.

By integrating meditation into Personal Training and other fitness sessions, we can create a more comprehensive and client-centred approach to fitness. This not only enhances the physical results of training but also contributes to the mental and emotional wellbeing of clients, fostering a more balanced and sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle.


Laurie Arrowsmith

Laurie is the Founder of the Mindful Institute training organisation, which delivers award-winning and industry-accredited online Meditation Teacher Training and Holistic Counselling courses to professionals wanting to add meditation and holistic health skills to the work they do with clients. The Mindful Institute’s courses include a Certificate in Meditation Teaching, an Advanced Certificate in Mediation Teaching & Holistic Counselling, a Certificate in Meditation Therapy for Weight Management, as well as a Master Practitioner in Holistic Counselling. FITREC members enjoy a 20-40% discount on Mindful Institute courses via the FITREC-only enrolment form.