Recruitment Special FEATURE

5 Reasons To Respond Quickly To Applicants

How you are perceived as an employer will influence the number and quality of applications you are likely to receive for any advertised role.

The first step towards making a great impression, for any employer, is to respond quickly to all job applications. Here are a few reasons why responding quickly to applications is great for business.

Improved Candidate Experience

When an organisation responds promptly to a job application, it sends a message to the candidate that their time and effort are valued. This positive impression encourages a stronger relationship between the candidate and the employer from the outset.

Even if not selected for the role, a positive recruitment experience can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and increased interest in future job postings. Not to mention, leaving the door open to place the unsuccessful candidate in a role to which they may be better suited.

Another important consideration is that many applications will come from your local community. The experience you provide as an employer will absolutely influence how people feel about your business (or brand). A poor recruitment experience could not only damage recruitment prospects but also negatively impact new or existing member perception.

Enhanced Employer Brand

Further to the above, prompt response to applications can only enhance an employer's brand. A positive candidate experience contributes to a business's reputation as an employer of choice, increasing visibility and attracting more job seekers. Additionally, candidates who have a positive experience with an organisation are more likely to refer friends and colleagues for future opportunities.

Increased Opportunity to Hire

In a tight job market, great talent is in high demand and may be considering multiple opportunities. By responding quickly to applications, a business can gain an edge over competitors that may not respond as quickly. More importantly, in the health and fitness industry where talent shortages are common, moving quickly helps to lock in top talent before competitors. 

Faster Hiring Process

A quick response to job applicants can help speed up the hiring process. By responding promptly, a business can quickly identify top candidates and move them through the interview process, reducing the time it takes to fill a position. 

Stronger Candidate Engagement

A better experience for the candidate increases the likelihood that the candidate will remain engaged and in communication with the employer throughout the hiring process. Keeping candidates engaged and informed can only be a positive experience for candidates and go a long way towards building a strong talent pipeline for future hiring needs.

Responding quickly to job applications is an easy way to create a positive experience for candidates, which leads to greater engagement, increased speed to hire, improved talent pooling and, ultimately, a stronger employer brand. All of which is a step towards becoming a genuine employer of choice and unlocking the recruiting benefits that entails.