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Issue 13


2023 is off to a great start at FITREC HQ – We hope all is going well for you


Recognising the recruitment challenges many employers currently face, we’ve added a ‘Recruitment Special Feature’ to provide insight and information that’ll help you with sourcing, onboarding and retention of team members.

We’re excited by the number of live events that are on offer this year, all over Australia and the Pacific, and we can’t wait to attend and reconnect with so many of you in 3D!

Of course, my team and I remain keen to receive your feedback on what you’d like to read, watch and see in future issues of this eMag, so we can continue to evolve it into your go-to resource in the quest to establish and maintain an extraordinary fitness career.  Drop us a line – anytime – to share your feedback with us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople

Brad Sheppard

Just like a strong grip allows you to pound weights all day long, a considered approach to your marketing will be the cornerstone for business growth. Marketing is where you clarify what you stand for, how you differ from the rest and, most importantly, who you can best help.

 Toni Rennie

Metrics are the ultimate money-maker when training and keeping clients. Here’s why and how to better take advantage of metrics and the process, to build your coaching business When motivating your clients to work out and keep working out, metrics are one of the most powerful tools.

Marietta Mehanni

Having a fear of teaching group fitness classes is not uncommon and, far from being a limiter, should be recognised as a source of motivation to deliver a great experience for members

Gallagher Insurance

As a gym owner or fitness trainer you’re exposed to some industry-specific risks that you need to be aware of and factor into your business planning. Here are the pitfalls to look out for and how insurance provide protection.


Let us introduce you to the industry's leading suppliers, so you can make our friends your friends too.


FITREC is here to inspire and support you to create and maintain an extraordinary fitness career.

Recruitment special Feature

How you are perceived as an employer will influence the number and quality of applications you are likely to receive for any advertised role.


There are many reasons why employers might value multiple applications for a job ad. But whatever the reason, this mindset can be a limiting factor in the recruitment process.


Getting doughnuts in response to your job ad? If your ad isn’t working, let’s do a health check to ensure that you’ve got the basics covered.


Follow these best practices and you'll get the most out of your initial interviews, and make the best hiring decisions for your company – every time!


An EVP is a statement that outlines the unique benefits, rewards, and opportunities that your organisation offers to its employees, which will help you attract, retain, and engage top talent.


Check out the nine must-ask, open-ended questions, for every performance review.


An exit interview is an important opportunity for you, as an employer, to gain valuable insights into why an employee is leaving the company, and to identify any areas for improvement in the workplace.

Healthy People

There's no one place to find your next candidate; these days you need to use multiple channels! With HealthyPeople you get three job boards + more!