Adapting to the Holistic Demands of Today’s Consumers

There’s a distinct shift in consumers’ attitudes, away from pure fitness-driven needs to a more holistic approach. So how can the fitness industry adapt their messaging and services to meet these needs? Kate Dzienis explains.

The global fitness industry is in a continuous state of development as it rigorously adapts to new challenges, especially from the pandemic. In response, fitness professionals on all levels are recognising a shift in how their clients are viewing health and wellbeing.

With restrictions and lockdowns, as well as the ageing population, there has been a growing realisation amongst the general public to look at their body and lifestyles more holistically – where it’s no longer just about feeling better and fitter in the short-term, but there’s now a greater focus on longevity and extending the healthy, active years.

Shifting from pure fitness to a more holistic wellness-based space of training will help set businesses up for future success. It will also provide an opportunity to diversify into new areas within the wellness community. The fitness industry has seen a major shift in focus towards health care, with the scope of traditional practices such as cardio workouts and strength training, widening to include a program for improved overall health.

So, is this easier said than done?

Absolutely not. Fitness professionals simply need to be encouraged to recognise that a holistic approach can be a big part of their range of services, and that it’s a lucrative way to improve not only the body (muscle gain, fat loss), but also the mind of members and clients. Going beyond physical wellbeing becomes more than being just about lifting weights or going for a run; and with this movement amongst the public to improve mental, emotional and spiritual health, the approach to training becomes about an individual’s entire existence – not just one aspect of it.
Bringing together fitness, wellbeing and variations of health shows a clear way forward to support the changing needs of our consumers. They’re actively seeking trainers with programs that incorporate all these practices, which not only integrate tailored fitness plans and nutritional advice but also educational material, mindset coaching and mindfulness practices.

Encompassing these new attitudes is achievable and can be done in a number of ways. These include using social media and email platforms to reach out to consumers with information about holistic fitness (improving sleep, dealing with stress levels, boosting moods); and offering wellness seminars or even meditation courses, to name a few.

This is also the perfect time to take an opportunity and find out the motivations of your members and clients when it comes to wanting to improve their health. Sitting down with them one-on-one and going over personal goals, training and nutrition plans, and mindfulness exercises, becomes the personal experience they crave from a business or enterprise.

Providing them with milestones to attain and encouraging them to enter challenges or participate in workshops, will see them achieve sustainable results. It also ensures they are educated and gain a full understanding of how their body works, which is critical to success. Embracing this movement will see you become a reliable source of knowledge, which people will want to take full advantage of, and continuously come back for more.

Incorporating holistic approaches to what was once a purely fitness-driven regimen in the industry does not, in any way, shape or form, mean that exercise is no longer the main service offered – it just means there is a diverse range of services available to better support each consumer. And by adapting to those demands, you become
a leader within the industry.



Kate Dzienis

Kate is the editor of Runglobal Australia and a writer for Evolt 360, which is a revolutionary resource tool that brings traditional fitness and modern-day holistic pathways to the forefront of the industry, allowing consumers to focus on a total wellbeing approach in their lives. The high-tech body composition analyser is a powerful intel that provides evidence-based results with engagement, commitment and motivation. Learn more at evolt360.com.