featured fitpro: Cindy Rella

Introducing Cindy Rella, an impressive fitness professional who's well on her way to achieving the ultimate 300-point FITREC education rating.

Cindy Rella is the Owner and Head Coach at Rella’s Strength and Wellness Hub. She is also the Matriarch of Braveness, a multiple World Champion Athlete in two sports, has represented Australia in three sports and is a World Record Holder.

Cindy is a Karate World Champion, has completed a Half-Ironman World Championship, and is also a multiple Kettlebell World Champion athlete.

Through her own battles with mental health and injuries, Cindy’s belief in herself led her to carve out a path to happiness, and pain-free movement. Today, Cindy now empowers others to do the same.

Cindy set up Rella’s Strength and Wellness Hub with the motto: Every BODY deserves the chance to MOVE pain-free, and free of dysfunction, giving clients of all abilities and disabilities a safe space to come to find inspiration and confidence to improve their quality of life.

Cindy is continually studying to find ways to improve people’s health and wellbeing. She is a leader and a person of influence inspiring others to be the change and “Be their own brave”

I opened up Rella's Hub to be the change within the industry. I have seen and experienced too much that makes me angry at what people are willing to do to get your money, especially in the NDIS realm. We live by our values and transparency is one of those. We aren't perfect but you can be guaranteed that you are getting what you are paying for – a qualified professional coach.

Cindy is one of the few FITREC-registered professionals who have almost achieved the maximum possible rating. On a recent LinkedIn Post, she posed the question: “How well do you know your trainers qualifications? Are they insured? Keeping up their education? FITREC.org is a national registration service for fitness industry professionals, providing a transparent registration that shows all the qualifications, insurance etc that the trainer has all in one spot The FITREC rating for professionals is the first genuine benchmark for the fitness industry. The average across all registered professionals is currently 104, I am currently sitting at 290. You can take a look at all my credentials here

Congratulations to Cindy on her success to-date. We are all watching and waiting to see her rating click over to that ultimate 300 point-goal.