Finally – fitness industry insurance with a difference

Eavesdrop on an insightful chat between Dennis Hosking and Lloyd Moore from Gallagher, as they toss around truth bombs to help personal trainers minimise risk when working with clients.

Use the details below to jump to the highlights...

00:00 – Introduction

01:55 – The risk of pursuing price over the product when looking at insurance

03:20 – How do professionals get their questions answered by Gallagher?

04:11 – Finally! A fitness insurance agent that has worked in fitness

06:15 – Three things that fitness professionals should be doing (all the time)

06:33 – The single most important thing about a pre-activity questionnaire

10:32 – The importance of record keeping

11:58 – When training minors, records must be kept for longer than the standard seven years

13:17 – The importance of registration for staying informed

14:19 – Where is the current spike in claims is coming from?

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