FITREC DNA Ambassadors

Get to know three more of our fantastic FITREC DNA Ambassadors.

In our last edition of Raising the Bar, we announced FITREC DNA as our way to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to doing better. FITREC DNA was created as a reminder for us all to be open to potential blind spots in our understanding and awareness, and it represents FITREC’s intention to hold itself accountable for representing the best of the fitness industry with regards to diversity, inclusion, ethics and accountability.

Why did we call it FITREC DNA? Apart from representing Diversity, inclusion and Awareness, DNA is typically known as the molecule containing the instructions for life. Similarly, FITREC DNA instructs our team and those who share our passion as to best practice for individuals and as businesses.

FITREC DNA is led by FITREC Co-Founders and Directors, Chenille and Dennis Hosking and our FITREC ambassador, Mel Tempest, and we welcome any applications to join the FITREC DNA leadership team (must be FITREC-registered) to help us raise awareness of diversity and inclusion. For more information and/or to join the leadership team email [email protected] 

01 | Bekk Millwood

Bekk Millwood is an industry engagement specialist and health and wellness professional, who partners with businesses to provide talent acquisition and career development pathways.

With long-term, qualified, and hands-on experience in both the hospitality and fitness industries, Bekk supports an active network of senior and executive candidates. Bekk also specialises in sourcing professionals and creating opportunities to develop high-performing teams to match each business’ unique identity.

Bekk also specialises in the area of women in the workplace, and in fact, she’s so good at developing individuals and teams that FITREC has given Bekk the reins to take charge of the upcoming FITREC Mentor program, which we’ll tell you all about really soon! ®

02 | Flic Manning

Flic Manning is the Creator of Corethentic, which is an holistic Wellness System that brings the body into alignment with the mind through our specially created Workouts, Wellness Coaching platform and mindfulness podcasts and videos. 

Flic is a Wellness Coach, Personal Trainer, Dance Educator, Neuroplastician and Meditation Guide, which explains why she’s also a popular keynote speaker. Flic demystifies wellness, using her 30+ years’ experience and research in fitness, dance, and personal management of several invisible chronic diseases. Flic is also a proud Ambassador for the Mental Health Foundation of Australia, Crohn’s and Colitis Australia. ®

03 | Tommy Trout

Asides from having one of the coolest names in the biz, Tommy Trout is on an impressive mission to improve the quality of life for people with a disability. 

Through his business WeFlex, Tommy is creating a platform that will connect people living with disability to fitness professionals – with an ultimate goal to build a more inclusive fitness industry. You can read more about Tommy’s mission on page 8. ®