Introducing Team Hub for business members

If you’ve got a strong team, make the most of it. If you need a strong team, show your commitment to building it.

We understand that the success of any fitness business depends on their team.

That’s why we created Team Hub: It’s designed to support development, encourage retention and become a lever for recruiting leading talent. Team Hub utilises the FITREC fitness registration of your team, to the benefit of your fitness business.

Team Hub provides 2 key benefits for fitness businesses:


This delivers an overview of the professional and development details for team members.

Managers can see “at a glance” key information on each staff member, including registration expiry, professional rating, professional development, First Aid/CPR expiry and more.

Along with the summary information, Team Hub links to profiles that include all certificates for easy verification of qualifications.

And we haven’t stopped there. Employers can subscribe to profiles to be alerted to certificate expiry, a lowered professional development score, expiring registration and more.


This is a summary view of your fitness team and the opportunity to demonstrate why your business is a great place to work.

When advertising for new staff members, include a link to your Team Hub external profile – demonstrate pride in your team, that you support their development and that you’re the place to work for higher performing candidates. It’s also a chance to outline the type of people that work well in your club. 


HOW CAN TEAM HUB HELP MY BUSINESS?What gets measured, gets managed.

Managers that are more involved and up to date on team progress are more likely to ensure team members reach their potential. To keep learning standards high, subscribe to the FITREC profiles of staff and receive an alert whenever the LEARNING rating drops below 100/100.

People don’t leave jobs, they leave managers.

It follows that managers who maintain an interest in the personal and professional development of their team will be seen as supportive, which helps with staff retention

Like attracts Like.

Your external profile links to the complete profile of any professional, giving potential team members insight into the background of those they’ll be working with

Everyone wants to feel valued

Retention is easier where staff feels valued and part of a team. With a Team Hub, all staff feel supported, included, and respected.

Give clients something to show their friends

With the ability to bookmark profiles for each of your FITREC registered staff, clients can feel closer to their next Personal Trainer. It’s also easier for them to share with friends.

Third-party verification is what everyone is looking for

With endorsement from a professional registration service like FITREC, Team pages provide new and existing clients with an additional layer of comfort.

Consider it the ‘Employer of Choice’ proof page

Your external profile is the place to highlight the benefits of working with you. Include images, videos, copy, testimonials and more to rise above the rhetoric and demonstrate that you are genuinely an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Team Hub is INCLUDED FREE with 12-month Business Membership packages.