Recruitment Special feature

Job Ad Health Check

Getting doughnuts in response to your job ad? If your ad isn’t working, let’s do a health check to ensure that you’ve got the basics covered.

Some applications might be a ‘hard no’, but be aware that professionals are notoriously bad at best representing themselves, so keep an open mind and make the most of your probation period. Remember, if the right attitude is there, skill can be trained.  

We’d prefer you to have four great applications than 15 ordinary ones. If you’ve only had a few applications and they’re not what you’re looking for, this is a quality issue, not a volume issue. 

If candidates are genuinely off the mark or lack a specific requirement, then there’s a strong chance the ad needs to be updated. Give HealthyPeople a call to discuss, as we may be able to more clearly articulate who should (or should not) be applying.

The importance of responding quickly to applications cannot be understated. Do not leave this task to a set time in the week, or when you have a few applications to do at once. Respond as soon as possible to when the application comes in. 

Note; If candidates are not returning calls, this may also indicate they have found a job elsewhere. 

Why should the candidate choose your role over any other?

Stay away from clichéd terms like ‘culture’, ‘state-of-the-art’, ‘community’, ‘best’ and the like unless you can back it up. Be clear on why your community (or culture or team or innovation) is any different to the next.

There could be people in your existing networks that would welcome the opportunity to apply. Even better, get your existing staff to share the opportunity among their networks! 

When skimming through job ads, does your role capture their attention? Does the ad need to be distilled to the key points?

If you have a great team shot or a video that helps sell your team, your facility and/or articulate your culture, make sure it’s included in your ad.

Ask existing staff what they enjoy about working in your business. They may provide some insight that you were previously unaware of.

The unique selling points (USPs) of your business will often be the reasons why the person you’re looking for, is attracted to the ad.