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Making Sales During Covid

Steve Jensen provides a reality check to help you make more sales during a time when you probably need them most!

While some people find focusing on sales targets during these turbulent times a little crass, the bottom line is if you want your business to survive and come out of COVID afloat, then you need to be generating an income.
If you or your sales team are struggling to focus, or if there are conflicted feelings about making sales in the current climate, then here are three tips to help everyone get their head in the game.

TIP 1. Understand you’re selling what people need right now

We all know that health and fitness are the keys to our nation coming out of COVID with their sanity, wellness and resilience intact. You’re in the business of helping people. And your services are the solutions that your community needs to come out the other side of COVID-19, living a positive and rewarding life and lifestyle. This means, people need what you have to offer – even if some of them don’t yet realise it.

TIP 2. Check your attitude towards making sales

Long-gone are those days of dodgy sales techniques used by sleazy car salesmen (hopefully!). Anyone charged with the responsibility of making sales these days, needs to understand exactly what they’re doing. And by this we mean: salespeople are the providers of solutions that can help members and clients live happier, healthier and less stressed lives.

Every sale is a solution provided. And that’s something we should all feel fantastic about.

TIP 3. Put your processes under a microscope

The sales process has evolved a lot over the years, and even more rapidly in the current climate. Now is probably an ideal time to really take a look at your sales and communications processes and check that they’re aligned with how your members and clients, or your desired customers, are shopping right now. Are you present in the online spaces where they are visiting? Are you using the communication channels that they prefer? In order to help more people during this time, you need to be.
You and your team need to recognise that salespeople are superheros with the superpower to solve our client’s and members’ problems, alleviate their stress and ease their pain so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed of. And right now – more than ever – the world needs superheroes. ®


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Steve Jensen

Steve Jensen is the Founder and Managing Director of Impact Training Corporation and the National Sales Academy. With more than 30 years’ experience, “Dr J – the sales doctor” as Steve is also known as, has a first-class reputation around the world for his inspiring presentations and his selfless passion for teaching. He is regarded as a leading international expert in sales and communication training, mentoring and implementation strategies. To learn how you can make more sales visit