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Discover a highly innovative training system using electrical muscle stimulation as a way to keep people active, fit and healthy without risk of injury. Chantal Semaan explains.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been around for a long time and has been used by physios and pro athletes for decades, but it’s only recently emerged as a training method for the general public.

During my time working with EMS in Europe, I witnessed a revolution in the fitness industry. EMS gyms began popping up everywhere. Their success driven largely by the ability for EMS to deliver considerable results in a fraction of the time it would take with conventional training methods.

So how does it work?

In a nutshell, EMS imitates the action of your central nervous system, using electrical currents to stimulate your muscle fibres. While training using conventional methods like weights does stimulate your muscle fibres to a degree, EMS kicks things up a notch, stimulating up to 90% of your muscles. And unlike more traditional types of exercise, EMS doesn’t require long hours of training – a single session might take only 20 minutes.

A great thing about EMS is that anyone can do it.

The magic of EMS is that it’s suitable for almost everybody. It’s a low impact, functional training method.

  • For the super-fit, EMS is a great way to enhance performance and strength.
  • For those just starting out on their fitness journey, EMS is a great way to build a strength base.
  • EMS is well known in injury rehabilitation, as it can strengthen weakened muscles without exacerbating injury.
  • Because it’s easy on joints and tendons, EMS is ideal for older adults who want to improve mobility, strength and balance.
  • EMS is also perfect for new mums, and can even help to reduce post-natal urinary incontinence by strengthening the pelvic floor.
  • Because EMS helps to build lean muscle and boost the metabolism, it’s also effective for weight loss.


Is there anyone who can’t do it?

EMS is not recommended for pregnant women, or anyone with a pacemaker or other electrical implant.

What does EMS training feel like?

The electrical pulses feel like a gentle vibration, with users feeling muscles contract with each pulse. Trainers are able to control the strength of each pulse, and even adjust the level of pulses in each specific area. As the electrodes pulse, clients perform functional exercises, guided by the Trainer. This makes every move more effective at building strength, endurance and flexibility. While it appears easy from an outsider’s perspective, you’d be surprised at how much of a workout you get – it’s definitely no ordinary way to train!

Why 20PerFit?

20PerFit is a well-established business in Europe. Having witnessed the way the 20PerFit system worked for both trainers and clients in Europe, I knew this was a service we could use here in Australia.

Unlike other EMS training methods, 20PerFit’s system is 100% wireless. This opens up a whole new world of opportunity for Personal Trainers and their clients, because our system allows for complete freedom of movement – and you can train wherever you want! It’s all done via a special suit which contains electrodes that send electrical pulses straight to your muscles. The suit is controlled remotely by the Trainer via a dedicated app.

Also unlike other EMS systems, 20PerFit’s hi-tech system doesn’t require you to wet the electrodes to make them work. This makes things more comfortable for your clients.

Love the concept?

20PerFit franchises are also now available, offering personal trainers the chance to be among the very first functional EMS training specialists in the country.



Head to or phone 1300 202 073.



Chantal Semaan

Chantal Semaan is an EMS executive/specialist with 20PerFit – Australia’s most advanced electrical muscle stimulation training system. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, and has been working with EMS for over five years. Chantal saw the potential in EMS training as a safe way to keep people active, fit and healthy without risk of injury.