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Sometimes it takes a change of circumstance to lead to a new path in life. This was the case for German civil engineer, Christoph Mauss, and it began with his arrival in Australia. Speaking very little English, Christoph was unable to work as an engineer, which led him to follow his passion and carve out a career in the fitness industry. He has now been working in the industry for over 12 years and has never looked back.

What is EMS training?

Located in Bondi Junction (Sydney, Australia), INPULS Studio provides personal training using Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology to deliver a whole-body workout that reaches deep into the muscles in just 20 minutes. EMS has been shown to increase strength, stability and mobility, and reduce lower back pain by 88 per cent, while at the same time being gentle on joints and increasing all over strength in six weeks of training. Additionally, the technology facilitates increased cardiovascular fitness, as well as adjusting postural imbalances.

How did you first get to know about EMS training?

About seven years ago I found out about EMS through a friend who has a studio in Frankfurt. I thought it was a really amazing way of training. Using my knowledge and understanding of the body, I could see how the technology amplified the training, and I was immediately convinced by the system.

What were the main advantages of EMS training?

Because I am a runner, swimmer and cyclist, it was really effective for me. I was more efficient in my movements, had more endurance with less injuries and quicker recovery. I just love how EMS feels. Through the EMS training, my muscles became stronger and more flexible. With EMS I can also engage muscles that are difficult to train during a conventional workout.

What led you to change from being a Pilates trainer to opening an EMS studio?

It was because of the results! It’s just so incredible and I am so passionate about it. I still use the principle of Pilates and combine it with EMS. For me everything starts with posture; if you improve that, you can start working on the other things… switching everything on, activating pelvic floor muscles, toning and building muscle, and it goes on from there… people feel activated, and they love it!

How have clients reacted when they are introduced to EMS?

My clients trusted me, they understood when I explained it was a new approach to workouts. A one-to-one EMS session that only lasts 20 minutes is a no brainer for most people. Clients tell me they have less physio/chiropractic treatment since they have taken up this training method. Clients with recurring problems – back pain, joints, tendons often have to stop exercising, but by adjusting their program EMS gives them an opportunity to still exercise. This is because we work with pre-muscular tension.

Has your client base changed since providing EMS training?

I have a wider variety of clients now, particularly older ones. EMS is amazing for them. I met an 80-year-old man in a doctor’s waiting room who was in a lot of pain and was scared to move much. I convinced him to come and see me, and we started off slowly in the sitting position with leg squeezes and some arm work. After a few months he progressed so much, and now he’s back at tennis, he can turn his head when driving the car, and generally he feels re-energised. I love that feeling of helping people.

What are the advantages you see from regular EMS training?

Because sessions are conducted with a trainer, you get a personal training session tailored to your needs. I always start with ‘how is your body feeling today?’ and we go from there. I always keep workouts fresh and versatile as possible. The time saving is great too; for example, two 20-minute sessions are recommended for best results, but some clients prefer just once a week. I have a few clients who like to train at lunchtime, some even before a big meeting – they believe it makes them think clearly and with positive energy.

Did you have to complete special training to open an EMS studio?

My training was at miha bodytec headquarters in Germany. Now the distributors in Australia and New Zealand conduct the training locally. The company is in markets all over the world and they give you a lot of information and support to help start the business. They are the world leaders and have research, business models, websites, and so much information to help guide you. Their products and services are really good.

How have you found the running of an EMS business, and setting up the studios?

An EMS studio is a bit more boutique style, with one-to-one or one-to-two personal training formats; you tend to be more intimate with customers. I have many long-term clients who trust me, and who really notice a change in muscle tone and body shape after regularly working with me. Having an EMS studio has given me a unique advantage in a highly competitive PT market.

How were you affected by the COVID-19 restrictions?

My studio in Bondi Junction closed due to the lockdown. However, my miha bodytec EMS equipment is portable and can also be used outdoors. As we were allowed to meet one person for outdoor exercise, my clients were extremely happy to continue with their training routine outdoors, so I was able to maintain a solid income during the restrictions. 


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Christoph Mauss

Christoph originally trained as a Pilates instructor, but these days he successfully runs an EMS studio called INPULS, which provides personal training using Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS). Learn more at