Taking Your Club to the Third Dimension

Once reserved for the fanciest properties in the real estate sector, 3D virtual tours are rapidly growing in popularity among savvy health club owners who want their facility to stand out from the crowd.

“Branded 3D Virtual Tours supports higher conversion rates in fitness businesses, boutique studios and sales and marketing acquisition activities,” explains Eugene Downing, CEO of Gym Click Media who are leading the charge in Victoria with their Fitness Centre Virtual Tour Services, powered by Matterport technology.

“Fitness enthusiasts take many factors into consideration before choosing to purchase a gym membership. More often than not, these potential members want to experience your fitness centre to see if your gym meets all their criteria. This ground-breaking technology makes it increasingly easy and affordable for prospective members to access your gym from the comfort of their computer, ultimately aiding in their decision to choose your fitness centre over the one down the road.”

In addition to better engaging members, a 3D Virtual Tour can also be a compelling sales tool for those who are putting their business on the market, as it enables interstate buyers to see exactly what they’re buying before they arrive onsite.

Depending on the technology you opt to use, additional features can be embedded into your 3D Virtual Tour. These include:

• Interactive custom buttons that allow you to integrate visual media such as videos, enabling you to introduce your personal trainers, for example.
• Info boxes which can display your juice bar menu and prices.
• Custom slides which can be linked to pages that contain information regarding supplements, schedule of available workout classes, promotional events or specialty groups/programs, for example.

The technology makes it simple for you to justify competitive pricing by highlighting any specialty amenities your gym may offer like a lap pool, sports facilities, special workout classes, a supplement store, spa treatments, juice bar, and more.

Whether you have the most state-of-the-art gym equipment and amenities or a garage-style gym, after viewing a 3D Virtual Tour of your facility and learning and interacting with it through the features that this type of technology offers, potential members will immediately establish a connection to your fitness business, which will ultimately result in more sales and more members.

We all know that traditional advertising strategies and discounted membership fees are only effective to a certain degree, and do not typically extend the reach of your gym on a continuous basis. This innovative technology can be the key to successfully attracting more people to your facility and to providing your business with a truly unique point of difference.

To learn more about how this technology works watch this video of Eugene Downing and Tian Jay, who are the Co-Founders of Gym Click Media, which is a certified Matterport 3D Virtual Tour and Schematic Floorplan Provider and was recently named as one of Australia’s Top Virtual Reality Companies for 2021 by Welp Magazine. Through Gym Click Media, floorplans typically start from $497 per facility and are available in two business days.

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