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Top Tips For Team Development

Here at FITREC, we specialise in helping you achieve optimum success in your fitness business. Here’s just one of the many ways...

If you’re managing teams, FITREC is the perfect tool to help you supervise the ongoing development of each
team member.

FITREC gives you access to all the details you need, quickly and easily

FITREC provides you with a clear picture of each professional’s learning background, including what, when and where education has taken place. If you’re actively coaching your team, this is an opportunity to identify gaps in education and provide suggestions for future learning.

All listed education includes Certificates

Not only is this a benefit for employers, it also gives professionals a way to manage copies of all key documents. NOTE: a manager must be logged in to view certificates – this is to prevent confidential details appearing in Google search results.

Give your team the ability to pursue their interests.

Professionals registered with FITREC are able to pursue any learning opportunities that will help them become more effective fitness professionals. All learning can be included on a FITREC profile and, where relevant, may contribute to a FITREC rating. Course providers do not need to be registered with FITREC for this to be possible.

Set a clear benchmark of 100/100 for LEARNING on FITREC

All FITREC PRO professionals have a FITREC rating – a score out of 300. It’s based on LEARNING, EXPERIENCE and REFERENCES, with each of these areas rated out of 100 and clearly displayed on every profile. By requiring a 100/100 score for learning, employers are setting clear and (relatively) easily maintained benchmark.

Keeping costs down for professionals (especially newbies) is a priority

The depreciation of the FITREC LEARNING score is gradual and more easily topped up with a single learning event. We do not recognise magazine subscriptions, First Aid/CPR, online quizzes and the like, so any included learning is often more structured and valued.

We’ve hardwired this benchmark into our profile notifications.

We don’t expect managers to always be checking in on their team profiles. A manager can subscribe to a professional’s profile and be alerted via email that a professional’s score has fallen below 100.

When it comes to ongoing education, special mention goes to…

The inclusion of mentors and coaches on FITREC profiles.

We all use them, so why not include them. It shows a commitment to furthering yourself and being accountable to others.

The ability to view and contribute to peer reviews of courses.

When a professional adds a course to their FITREC profile, we encourage them to provide a rating and review for the benefit of their peers. These ratings and reviews can be viewed on courses listed in the LEARNING section of the FITREC website.

FITREC has provided the fitness industry with an entirely new and considered approach to registration. To learn more about the services that FITREC provides, head to

If you’d like to talk to someone about fitness registration for yourself or your team, please contact the friendly FITREC team by phoning 03 9021 0836.