3 Steps To Successful Recruitment

HealthyPeople are the specialists in recruitment for the fitness industry. Over the years, our experience has confirmed that certain elements are most common among successful recruiters.

Tip 1. Develop an ‘always recruiting’ mindset

The best time to start looking for a new employee is actually before you need them – which requires the development of an ‘always recruiting’ mentality. This ‘always recruiting’ mindset is common among all successful fitness businesses.

‘Always recruiting’ does not mean ‘always hiring’, it means ‘always being ready to hire when the need arises’.

With an always recruiting mindset, you create an opportunity to employ the best candidates available. By contrast, recruiting only when needed can result in a more limited talent pool and a need to hire under pressure. By building and maintaining a network of suitable professionals in your area, you’ll have the greatest chance of building the most profitable team possible.

Designed for this very purpose, the HealthyPeople database is accessible to employers 24/7, providing you with the ability to connect with great local candidates — irrespective of whether you have an ad running.

Tip 2. Write a great job ad

Recruitment for fitness roles is a highly competitive space. The purpose of a job ad is really to sell the role, not just fill it. Obviously, you’re trying to fill a role, but no one is getting a job offer from their application alone. Therefore, the main purpose of a job ad is to sell the role to suitable candidates.

The job ad is often the first interaction you’ll have with a candidate and, as ever, first impressions count. Effective ads will:

• sell the role (it’s a competitive market)

• demonstrate respect/value for the applicant

• be easy to read

• be clear as to the nature of the role.

An effective job ad will contain the following key elements:

• clearly highlights the benefits to the candidate

• uses short and concise text

• formatted so that key points stand out

• Follow the key criteria recommendations in our eGuide.

Tip 3. Connect with the right candidates

There are a few things you can do to ensure you connect with the right candidates. These include:

• Creating space that talks to potential candidates. For example, a page on your site where people can learn about working for your business from an employee’s perspective.

• Maintaining contact with good candidates and developing ways to showcase exactly how different your culture is from the other fitness opportunities out there.

• Demonstrate a willingness to train, support and develop candidates beyond the recruitment stage.

By following these tips (and the others contained in our Recruitment eGuide), you’ll be on your way to developing the highest-performance rockstar team you’ve ever had!