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Optimise Your Website For Maximum Conversions

The whole world is shopping online at the moment and our industry is no exception. Here’s what you need to do, to maximise your online conversions.

Having a website is critical, not just for online businesses but also for brick-and-mortars. Fitness centres and gyms can gain a lot by establishing an online presence for themselves.

Creating a website isn’t enough though; you also need to optimise the website to maximise conversions. Here are six steps to get you started.


STEP 1: Get to know your audience

Getting to know your audience is important to optimise your website and maximise conversions. Don’t jump in and design a site before figuring out what your online audiences want.

Consider creating personas to know more about your audience. These avatars should identify the ideal target audience. Consider the demographic information, pain points, goals, and needs when creating personas.


STEP 2: Informative content will help website optimisation

Once you have determined the wants and goals of your target audience, you should optimise your website content. This content should be created to help your target audience make the right decisions. List the amenities available onsite, as well as your group fitness class schedule.

Consider creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page to inform your target audience about membership details, terms and conditions, fees, and signing up to become a member. You need to let your target audience know that you have the solutions necessary to overcome any obstacle they have to attaining their fitness goals.


STEP 3: Make it easy to become a member

Most people don’t have time to fill out application forms to become a member of your fitness centre. Therefore, you need to make it easier for your target audience to sign up via your site and take fitness classes or book in for a training session. These days, your potential clients will expect to be able to submit a membership application and pay their fees online.


STEP 4: A clear call to action will maximise conversions

Your website should have a clear call-to-action (CTA), and you should be creating your CTAs based on the specific needs of your target market. CTAs should be compelling enough for your online visitors to take action.

To maximise conversions on your website, you need to attract the attention of your online users and successfully influence them to become long-lasting members of your fitness centre.

Make sure your CTA buttons are visible and prominent. This can be achieved by using adequate white space and reducing the clutter around your CTA buttons. The size and color of your buttons are also important. The average size of a CTA button is around 47.9 pixels tall. Additionally, red and orange buttons tend to get more clicks, compared to blue and green-coloured CTA buttons.


STEP 5: Show social media sharing and counter buttons

Social share buttons with counters will help improve your online influence. Social proofing helps assure online viewers about the authenticity and popularity of a website, so adding social sharing buttons can increase cross-channel promotion and maximise conversions.

A high number of shares indicates that people trust a business, so consider adding social media share and counter buttons for your Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. LinkedIn is not typically appropriate for fitness and gym centres, because posting on the site does not fit with how the platform is used.


STEP 6: Optimise for mobile

You should optimise your website for mobile use. Mobile optimisation is important since a large percentage of online users now access websites via their mobile devices. The number of people using mobile devices to access the internet is increasing with mobile shoppers converting more, compared to desktop users.

Consider A/B testing before making final changes. The A/B testing involves checking two versions to find out which one generates the best response. ®



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