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Issue 8


Hey everyone

Our hearts go out to our fellow Melbourne-ites, who are currently experiencing another lockdown. We appreciate how difficult this time continues to be for everyone, and we urge you to reach out for support whenever you need it.

FITREC was born from a recruitment need that we  identified in the industry (see page 8), so in this issue we’re getting back to our roots by shining a light on all things recruitment. This is because in the wake of COVID, we’ve seen many professionals exit the industry for roles less affected by lockdowns. Now, more than ever, fitness employers need to be on-point with their recruitment efforts.

We’d love to hear what you think about this issue and encourage you to share your feedback by emailing

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Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople

Steve Slaunwhite

The trick to tightening is to make the copy shorter without losing the “magic”

Fred Hoffman, MEd

Get up close and personal with the reasons why personalisation is a must for the future success of your career or fitness business.


HealthyPeople are the specialists in recruitment for the fitness industry. Over the years, our experience has confirmed that certain elements are most common among successful recruiters.

Laurene McKenzie

Stay up-to-date with technology that can help you connect and stay connected with your clients and members.


THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON... Check out these leading industry suppliers and what they can do for you.

Ian Mullane

Are you ready for when insights accurately predict future performance?


Enjoy this timely refresher around fitness registration and recruitment.

Bobby Verdun, Geoff Hamptom & Rich Synnot

Discover how honesty, integrity and transparency have become the new fundamentals to business leadership.


Recruitment begins with the words you put out there. HealthyPeople surveyed the industry and this is what you told us, when it comes to job ads that work.

Damien Bain

If you’re considering purchasing a fitness franchise, the most important tip is to choose one that has a proven product and support structure. Doing so will provide you with more comfort and likelihood for success and profitability. With the RIGHT proven model, you should be able to expect your return on investment within 12 to 18 months, at maximum.


FITREC is here to inspire and support you to create and maintain an extraordinary fitness career.

Healthy People

There's no one place to find your next candidate; these days you need to use multiple channels! With HealthyPeople you get three job boards + more!