Group fitness instructors have the power to grow their class numbers. Ryan Hogan shares these two top tips.

Picking up a class at a club where you’ve never taught before can be daunting. So how do you grow your numbers and get word around about your general awesomeness if nobody’s ever heard of you? Whether you are brand new to teaching or a seasoned professional, follow the tips below and watch your attendance skyrocket!

Promote Your Classes On Social Media

When asked about the biggest benefit of social media for Instructors, Les Mills Program Director Rachael Newsham is unequivocal: “Filling your classes. When you post on social, you automatically reach a wider audience and you can keep people updated with when you’re doing covers, telling them what tracks you’re going to teach… it’s a way to keep the conversation going outside of class, and helps your members feel more connected with you. And at the end of the day, we all want to feel connected.”

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"Once you've identified what the ultimate experience could be for your participants, you can then determine how to create this."

Know Why People Return To Your Class

“For most of us, our group fitness teaching is absorbed through our own experience,” says Les Mills Masterclass Presenter Bevan James Eyles. “Sure, we think about our participants but it’s through our own eyes. How often do you actually think about what it’s like to be a person in your class? Consider:

  • What’s it like to be a participant before your class starts?
  • How do the participants experience your connection, motivation, coaching?
  • How do people feel about themselves in your class?
  • What do they walk away from your class thinking?

The list of questions could go on!”

One of the most powerful ways to explore this way of thinking is to identify different types of people and then reflect upon their experience. For example, imagine a brand-new person who has never tried a group fitness class before; they may be a little bit insecure around exercise and may be a little overweight. What is their experience during your class? What about the person who’s a regular and has been coming for years, who is fit and confident with their level of fitness? You could even look at personality traits such as shy versus outgoing. Once you’ve identified what the ultimate experience could be for your participants, you can then determine how to create this.”

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Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer at Les Mills Asia Pacific, which offers world-class training for group fitness Instructors, and the Ultimate Group Fitness Solution for clubs and facilities, to help attract, engage and retain their members.