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Issue 6


Hey everyone

So how about 2020, then? I’m pretty sure none of us expected this year to pan out how it did!

In this issue we’ve got a great combination of tips and info to help you stay motivated, inspired and charging ahead.

Plus, you’ll hear from the first of our FITREC DNA Ambassadors and share in the many and varied experiences of some of our regional fitness businesses
in Victoria, who are now out of their extended lockdown (at the time of writing this, they are – fingers crossed at the time of reading they still remain so!).

With the new year almost upon us, I’m sure we’ll all appreciate any time we get to spend with our loved ones. I wish you and your family a safe, healthy and relaxing time together – goodness knows, we’ve sure earned it!

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Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople


Recent research to help your clients get even better results

Damien Bain & Paul Leach

To some, thinking about an exit plan before you buy or start your business is kind of like considering a divorce before you’ve even gone on your first date. While the ego may think it’s a bad idea, smart business operators understand the value of this process. Damien Bain and Paul Leach explain.

Nancy Casu

Nancy Casu shares her training tips for working with older adults.


Check out these leaders in their field, and what they can do for you.

Steve Jensen

COVID may have changed how you operate; but this change needn’t be a negative. Steve Jensen explains how you can create a successful relaunch for your business.


Clubs in regional Victoria have finally come out of lockdown (hoorah!). Here are five who have emerged to tell the tale…

Mark Mathieson

2020 could have pushed even the calmest person to the brink! So here is a unique DR ABC model from Mark Mathieson, to provide some much-needed mental health first aid.


The fitness industry won’t be regulated, so let’s just get on with it.


In this new feature we’ll share topics that provoke thought and inspire conversation. So keep an eye on our Facebook page, where we’ll invite your input on these topics. Or you can share your thoughts directly by emailing them to [email protected] – we look forward to having you join in the conversation.


There are many practical ways to build an inclusive workplace, and we have some easy solutions below. But before we share these ideas, it’s important to appreciate that “diversity” and “inclusion” are not one and the same. Read on to discover more.


Get to know three of our fantastic FITREC DNA Ambassadors.

Dennis Hosking

As the Founder and Managing Director of FITREC, there is no mistaking that FITREC reflects my own values with regards to diversity, inclusion and ethics. As such, I am confident that our actions and dealings with members have ensured that we are viewed as ethically run and supportive of diversity and inclusion. Notwithstanding, I have […]


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