Meet Our Diversity, Inclusion & Awareness Ambassadors

Get to know three of our fantastic FITREC DNA Ambassadors.

You may recall having seen our callout on social media, for applications to become FITREC DNA Ambassadors. As expected, we had a sensational response and to all who put their hands up, WE THANK YOU! We are so impressed (but not surprised!) by the passion within our industry and the shared commitment to our DNA concept of striving to be better, of expecting and delivering more, and leading by example.

Here are three of the awe-inspiring fitness professionals that we’re proud to call FITREC’s DNA Ambassadors. If you’d like to join the Ambassador team, please drop us a line at [email protected]


Nancy Casu is a fitness and functional ageing specialist. She is passionately committed to strengthening the ‘community’ component of exercise and educating communities about its importance, particularly among the 65+ years population.

Nancy’s valuable experience and insight into the training of older adults was shared at the Healthy Ageing Summit and the IGNITE Women’s Fitness Business events in 2020. Nancy also featured on an episode of the Gym Owners’ Fitness Business Podcast, where she discussed the point that many ‘boomers’ are living longer and simply want more life in their years. Check out the video below to discover what Nancy has in store for us, in her new role as FITREC’s DNA Ambassador, or to learn more about Nancy go to ®


If there’s one fitness professional who is wholeheartedly passionate about inclusion, it’s Mel Tempest. Mel Tempest is a club owner and thought leader who turns conceptual ideas into tangible results. Mel has carved out an award-winning career of applying her superpower to help businesses, organisations and individuals acquire unforeseen levels of success. Mel is the founder of IGNITE Fitness Business events, and the founder and podcast host of the Gym Owner’s Fitness Business Podcast. She’s also the founder of the Gym Owner’s Business Network, founder of the Women Leaders’ Fitness Business Platform, and a Brand Ambassador for FITREC, the Healthy Ageing Summit and FIBO USA.

Having been a forger of her own path for her entire life, Mel brings that unique dogged determination and “no holds barred” attitude to business. And while some people are challenged by Mel’s brutal honesty, the thing that everyone can agree on is Mel’s professional commitment to help as many people and businesses as she can – so they can achieve their potential, perform at their optimum and create the best version of themselves. And this is why Mel Tempest has expanded her FITREC Ambassador role to include being a DNA Ambassador as well. Watch Mel’s video below to learn more or visit ®


Supercharged? Rachel is ferociously committed to chewing the living daylights out of life, and believes she was put on this planet to get people moving and to make a positive difference to their lives.

Simply put, Rachel loves the fitness industry and she loves nothing more than helping others to become the best version of themselves. Discovering all of this meant Rachel was a natural inclusion in our DNA Ambassador program; after all, she epitomises the ethos and embodies the very spirit that we are striving to promote. Hear what Rachel plans to do in her role as FITREC’s DNA Ambassador, then find out more about Rachel at ®