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Registration & Recruitment Fundamentals

Enjoy this timely refresher around fitness registration and recruitment.

Recruitment is one of the biggest challenges for our fitness industry and for so many years professional registration did little to assist with the recruitment process.

We saw this firsthand, in our 10+ years of recruitment work through HealthyPeople. So, fuelled by a desire to do more for recruitment within the industry, we built a service that would ensure FITness registration did more for RECruitment – and so FITREC was born. 

Following is a refresher of how FITREC can help employers during the recruitment process.

Identifying new talent requires learning as much about a candidate as possible. To this end, there are a range of FITREC features that make this process easier.

 01 The FITREC Rating provides immediate insight into professionals

The FITREC Rating is a score out of 300 that takes into account an individual’s industry experience, initial and ongoing education, and references from peers and clients.

 02 FITREC profiles are the perfect industry CV

FITREC profiles enable you to compare apples with apples, as each profile has sections for education, references, experience, related achievements, mentors/coaches, bio, images and videos.

03 FITREC profiles contain supporting documents

Each profile can include a copy of certificates and qualifications, so employers are able to confirm for themselves any of the listed qualifications.

04 FITREC profiles are easily shared and viewed

Employers can easily forward a profile link to other managers for perusal. And profiles look great on desktop or mobile.

05 FITREC links from HealthyPeople

FITREC-registered professionals have a link on their HealthyPeople profile that ensures recruiting employers have access to even more detail.

Staff retention is more successful where professionals feel supported in their career development.
So FITREC has added tools to make this even easier.

01 The FITREC Team Hub helps you manage team growth and development

Give your team manager the tool to keep track of key documents, like first aid and CPR, as well as the ability to track and encourage ongoing development of team members. The FITREC Team Hub is a handy summary of key details from the FITREC profiles of all your team members.

02 Activate subscriber alerts based on expiring documents or falling education score

Making it even easier still, FITREC offers the ability to monitor specific profiles and subscribe for alerts that indicate any changes to professional development, expiring certifications, updated profiles and more.

03 Check on updated certificates (e.g., First Aid, CPR)

Confirmation of updated certificates is accessible at all times. As team members upload new certificates, they are immediately visible to employers.

04 Looking for suitable education for your team?

FITREC provides a list of educational opportunities, many of which include the names of registered professionals who have completed the course, along with their reviews.


  • Your profile is a great CV that renders well on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Never lose a copy of that certificate, no matter how old, because it’s in your profile.
  • Updated documents are immediately available for interested employers.
  • Easily email, text or direct message your profile link to employers.
  • Your profile is easily found on FITREC if an employer wishes to connect or reconnect.
  • PLUS, when looking for work, FITREC professionals receive unlimited FREE promotion to local employers via HealthyPeople.

When you’re next recruiting for fitness professionals, keep an eye out for FITREC registered professionals, so you can tap into the associated benefits. Of course, if your existing team is already FITREC-registered, then let us help you tackle your management and retention of staff.