The Power of Connection

Stay up-to-date with technology that can help you connect and stay connected with your clients and members.

There’s no doubt it’s been a tough year for business. Business owners and entrepreneurs across the globe have had to reinvent many aspects of their business to remain relevant (and solvent!). The big opportunity in this evolved business environment is the chance to take a different and fresh approach to connection with clients and colleagues.

Learning how to be a “real person” in your work is actually a great (and proven) strategy to set yourself apart. Another tool to achieve this, is to understand the power of a simple message, as messages have true cut-through when you use different types at different times.

Here are two more key strategies to secure connections with people, so you can stay in touch and front of mind with your current clients; create raving fans; or onboard new clients in a memorable way that has a WOW factor.


In this techno-saturated world, leaving someone a voice message really stands out! Enabling someone to where they can hear your voice is also a great way to build rapport. Often when we text, the tonality and intent is missed – so the power in this connection method is huge.

Try: Voice text (either iPhone to iPhone), Facebook Messenger, or you can even send voice messages via LinkedIn.


Telbee is a great plug-in for your website, which allows people to send and receive voice messages online. 


While it’s been possible to create and send videos for a while, more and more services are arising that make this easier. Bonjoro, for example, is a platform that allows you to send personal video messages (with clickable call to action links) straight from your smartphone or PC. The thumbnail of your video is embedded into an email and the great thing is you can track the open rates, the clickthrough metrics, as well as creating an easy way for your client or connection to reply.

I’ve seen Bonjoro create remarkable results when used to respond to client enquiries. The positive response my clients receive when they send new prospective customers a personal video (especially in a short time frame after enquiry), is significant. Bonjoro has a free option, so you can try them before you invest in paid subscriptions.

Both Bonjoro and Telbee have free options to so you can try them before you invest in paid subscriptions.

Planning and consistency are an essential part of any new strategy, so in order to ensure your attempts to connect are successful, try dedicating specific time in your diary to connect with clients and prospects – and be unwavering when it comes to that commitment. Good luck!



Laurene McKenzie

Laurene (aka ‘Loz’) is a ‘Super Connector’ with a passion for creating innovative growth solutions for her networks. Loz specialises in helping motivated, forward-thinking entrepreneurs gain a competitive edge through the right connections at the right time.