Top 10 Social Media Musts for Your Gym

Gym owners, are you ready to level up your social media game? Steve Grant shares the common slip-ups you might be making on your fitness studio’s social channels. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Know the Numbers

Alright, data might not sound exciting, but it's your secret weapon. Dive into those insights, guys! Tools like Facebook's "Insights" and platforms like AgoraPulse and Keyhole are your buddies. I like to track:

Tread Carefully with Stories

Think before you share, folks. Your posts should reflect your gym's vibe and values. Avoid political and other controversial rants after a few glasses of wine, and definitely, no revealing Christmas party mishaps!

Stay On Topic

Let's stick to what we know best, fitness. Avoid random topics like the stock market or ancient history. Keep it relevant, engaging, and all about those gains!

Be Your Gym's Cheerleader

Boring is not an option! Pump up your content with enthusiasm. Call your followers to action, and watch the magic happen. Celebrate your staff and their achievements. Everyone loves it and it's great for both retaining staff and attracting new team members.

Keep It Personal

No bots allowed! Let's be real with our peeps. Genuine interaction is the key to building trust and a loyal community.

Embrace Transparency

Hiding stuff? Nah. Let's share it all—pricing, class schedules, and more. Transparency builds trust, and that's what we're aiming for.

Spice Up Your Feed

No snooze-worthy posts, please! Millennials want excitement, so give it to them. Stay relevant, though, and keep it fresh.

Address the Haters

We all have 'em. Don't ignore the critics; face them head-on. Show them some love and watch the haters turn into your biggest fans.

Quality Trumps Quantity

Focus on engagement, not just likes and follows. Quality over quantity!

Let your personality shine through

Remember, you're talking to real people. Be yourself, not a corporate drone. Let your gym's personality shine through every post and comment.

To Wrap It Up...

Don't let any blunders scare you off. Mistakes are just lessons in disguise. Embrace the social media journey, experiment, and keep these tips in your back pocket. You've got this! It's time to slay those social media vibes and watch your gym shine!


Steve Grant

Steve is the Director/Owner of Gymhub, which helps gyms grow to a million dollars and beyond so they can serve more clients, make more money, and have more fun.