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Issue 15


this edition does it better than most.

Information for fitness professionals around ‘mental fitness’ (a term coined by Paul Taylor that we’re running with too), is a topic we were recently asked to explore and we agree – it deserves all the spotlights. So, that’s what we’ve done in this edition. 

We’ve also packed in loads of helpful content to further inspire your extraordinary fitness career, such as how to stand out in a crowded market, metrics beyond fat loss, why it’s important to have your own training goals, intensity, tapering, the value of slowing the pace, and lots more! Definitely something for everyone in the issue that farewells 2023. As always, we welcome your thoughts and article suggestions via [email protected].

Thank you for a great year together. We hope you have some time off with loved ones and are as excited for what’s in store in 2024, as we are.

Stay safe and keep well. 

See you in the new year. 

Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople

Paul Taylor and Carly Taylor

Just like physical fitness, mental fitness also operates on a continuum. Paul and Carly Taylor explain.

Lisa Champion

Psychotherapist Lisa Champion shares tips for working with clients facing mental health struggles.

Jodi Wittenberg

We posed some commonly asked mental health related questions from fitpros, to Clinical Psychologist Jodi Wittenberg.

Sarah Shortt, Les Mills Asia Pacific

Taking time for your own training brings endless benefits. Sarah Shortt explains.

Joel Ohman

Joel Ohman explores branding strategies for gym owners and personal trainers.

Georgia Calcutt

Fat loss is not the only metric in which your clients can determine their progress and results. Georgia Calcutt explains.

Stuart Greaves

In your programming, it’s essential to focus on the fitness principles that drive adaptation, not just the exercises themselves. Stuart Greaves explains.

Tim Sunderland

The journey for your clients and members to achieve their fitness goals is an ongoing process of growth and improvement. Tim Sunderland explores.

Layne Beachley

I am a seven-time world surfing champion. A success, right? Perhaps that’s what you’re thinking. And that’s fair enough. Those titles speak to my ability to excel at a sport I love over a period of time. However, they don’t speak to the person I am. They don’t tell you about Layne Beachley.

Jenny Harrison

Want to provide members and clients with simple tools to help them manage everyday stress and anxiety? Jenny Harrison discusses Tai Chi and Qigong.

Lachlan Moriarty

Lachlan Moriarty explores what tapering is, why it is important, and the correct methodology for effectively tapering your clients.

Kelly Weideman

Improving sleep patterns in your clients can be a powerful tool for promoting fat loss and overall health. Kelly Weideman explains.

Steve Grant

Gym owners, are you ready to level up your social media game? Steve Grant shares the common slip-ups you might be making on your fitness studio’s social channels. But don’t worry, we’ve all been there!


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