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Software To Grow Your Fitness Business is a fitness business software platform that includes everything you need to manage your studio, gym, or personal training business through custom-branded web and mobile apps, designed specifically for fitness businesses. Use’s software to conduct digital health and fitness assessments, deliver workouts online or in-person to individuals or groups, schedule and manage staff, analyse business reports, process payments, and more. Max out your profitability with the all-in-one software platform created for fitness businesses just like yours. For more information, take a look for yourself, or book a demo with their fitness experts. Remember to mention “FITREC” for a free month when you sign up for a year.  

Spartans Boxing Academy

Formulated by international amateur champions and world-ranked professionals from the world’s fastest-growing boxing franchise — Spartans Boxing Club, Spartans Boxing Academy is designed for aspiring boxing coaches to grow in a proven system. Whether you’re a fitness business owner, personal trainer or simply a boxing enthusiast, Spartans Boxing Academy provides the necessary tools for you to coach authentic boxing effectively with a professional yet fun approach. Beneficiaries of the course can buy the entire course or choose a module or a specific set of modules. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to receive a professional certificate, a comprehensive coaching manual crafted by world-ranked professionals, mentorship and networking opportunities with fellow course attendees and Spartans Boxing Club Coaches. Find out more at

Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a low-impact yet challenging workout that enhances your mind-body connection. Club Pilates helps lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and creates space for mental clarity and awareness. The classes are safe and effective for any age, and inclusive to everybody. Club Pilates and its supportive community will become the foundation of your workout routine and help you move better, feel better and live better. Our Pilates studios are unlike any other. We have combined a unique range of equipment and exercises to allow every member to develop and maintain outstanding core strength. Our highly trained and certified teachers will guide you through our various programs to ensure you get the maximum benefit from every session. Ready to try Club Pilates – Click here for your free class! Do Pilates. Do Life.


The Feel SOMA philosophy is simple. We’re big believers that better health and movement performance belongs to everyone. So, we’re shaping the world through our collective knowledge, practice-based-evidence and applied science and research.

The Feel SOMA philosophy goes back to basics and brings to you innovative practical applications that help your body prepare, condition, perform, recover and re-condition in a more effective way. We call them Self Osteo Myofascial Applications, SOMA for short, which happens to also mean ‘body’ in Ancient Greek.

Applications that are practically applied on yourself to create instant change, reduce inflammation, enhance performance and promote regenerative tissue health. Applications that form part of your new morning ritual, pre-game routine or even your rehabilitation program. To learn and experience more, go to

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RoccoBands can be used for resistance, flexibility, strength, and personal training at the gym, at home, or outdoors, as well as for body posture improvement, yoga, Pilates, and weight loss exercises.

The first batch of RoccoBands sold out in just five hours and since then, the brand has continued to experience unprecedented demand. This is due to them being stronger and better in quality than many similar products on the market. Their non-slip design and durability means you can use them all year round, and they won’t wear out quickly. They’ve also proven hand-friendly when using with clients who have arthritis or other joint problems.

RoccoBands are available as a three-pack set, which includes one 1.5m light, fabric resistance band, one 1.5m medium fabric resistance band, and one non-slip medium strength fabric loop “booty” band. Every set also comes with a branded carry bag, and three downloadable workout programs, designed by Rocco. For more information visit

Gallagher Insurance

Insurance is a necessity for every responsible fitness business and professional. Through Gallagher, FITREC members can access:

  • member-only rates when arranging insurance through Gallagher
  • advice from specialised insurance brokers
  • cover for a broad range of modalities and qualifications
  • a choice of limit options that are suited to your needs, such as:
    • $20 million Public Liability cover
    • $20 million Product Liability cover
    • $5 million Professional Indemnity cover.

The team at Gallagher will arrange insurance to ensure you are appropriately covered for your profession; plus, their insurance policies also have the flexibility to accommodate additional coverage, which makes it simple to upgrade your protection at any time. To find out more or to obtain a quote click here, email [email protected] or if you want to talk call 1800 222 012.


Collecting payments can be painful. Late payments, awkward conversations, all that admin. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Wouldn’t it be easier to make sure you have cash in hand through simplified invoicing and have payments collected automatically on the due date? No more chasing, no more headaches, no more stress. Sole x GoCardless – getting paid is now simple.