Personal Trainers
And Bariatric Surgery

Jacqui Grant couldn't find the right PT to work with before or after her weight loss surgery, so she became one herself.

The journey of a person who meets the criteria for bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) is extremely tough; unfortunately, this is often also compounded by the negative impact of judgement. I know this first-hand because I was once morbidly obese. I weighed 168kg and underwent bariatric surgery. The negative experiences I endured, while trying to find the right PT, actually led me to become a personal trainer myself; and later, I developed a program to teach other trainers how to work with clients post-bariatric surgery.

Because of my height, I didn’t look so heavy; I carried a lot of weight on my breasts, stomach, and legs. I was able to find personal trainers who would work with me during this time; however, after having bariatric surgery, I couldn’t find any trainers who would work with me at all! One trainer said “You’ve cheated”. Another told me (while I was having an episode of the “foamies”*), that I was being lazy and weak. They suggested that having the surgery demonstrated my weakness and lack of commitment. Suffice to say, I was mortified by these experiences, which were just two of the many judgements I endured.

For many people, bariatric surgery is often the last resort after having tried everything else to lose weight. And quite often, they’re forced to take this course of action in order to stay alive.

Finding a supportive personal trainer who understands bariatric surgery can be hard as there is specific knowledge required in order to successfully and safely train these clients. For example:

The judgements and criticism I experienced and having been provided with incorrect information, inspired me to create a program specifically to assist personal trainers and allied health professionals in working with this unique clientele. ‘Beyond Bariatric Surgery’ is a training program that provides personal trainers with the information and tools to understand bariatric surgery, and how to safely and effectively help these clients with food intake and exercise programs. It provides insights into expected energy levels and the challenges presented by loose skin. It also addresses posture issues and the physical, mental and emotional implications of the surgery.

Trainers already understand how rewarding it can be to help a client free themselves of excess weight and improve their overall fitness. This course opens your skills up to an entirely new target market, so you can achieve even more life-changing support outcomes for clients who truly want them.

*’Foamies’ refers to an impact from bariatric surgery which results in pain and vomiting. It can occur at any time, and leaves the person feeling faint.


Jacqui Grant

Jacqui Grant is the owner of Break Free Consultancy. With more than 35 years’ experience in the health and disability sector as a registered nurse, Personal Trainer, empowerment coach and trainer, Jacqui has also trained in Health Changes Methodology, Motivational Interviewing, NLP, Wellness Coach and Psychosocial recovery coaching. She is also a three-times Amazon Best Selling author.