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Issue 1


Hey everyone

Welcome to the very first issue of Raising the Bar.

This interactive magazine has been created to help you perform at your best in your important role in the fitness industry.

As a FITREC-registered professional you’d be well aware that we pride ourselves on values such as transparency, impartiality, inclusiveness, and progression. We truly believe that by helping build more successful fitness careers and businesses, we’ll have the greatest possible impact on the health of the nation. In essence, our job is to help you help more people achieve their health and fitness goals; and that’s why we’ve created this publication.
We invite your feedback, suggestions and contributions for future editions. You can email us at anytime via the web form on the back page of this mag.

On behalf of the FITREC and HealthyPeople teams, I thank and congratulate you for joining us in raising the bar for our industry.

[email protected].

Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople


If you’d like to be featured in a future issue, email [email protected]


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FITREC is here to inspire and support you to create and maintain an extraordinary fitness career.

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