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Issue 14


We're pumped to bring you another info-packed issue.

With so much info coming at us and available at our fingertips nowadays, we recognise that anything we recommend you invest your precious time into reading, must  absolutely deliver value – a return on your investment of time, as it were. So, for this reason, we are very particular about what content we select for inclusion in Raising The Bar.

This issue, you’ll share in advice around mindset from none other than THE Layne Beachley; Tommy Trout helps you navigate the NDIS and exactly what it means for fitness professionals and businesses; the team at Les Mills Asia Pacific shares ways to breathe new life into your group fitness timetable; while comedic fitness writer Marie Anagnostis provides some light-hearted tips for non-fitpros to remain friends with fitpros; plus lots, lots more!

We hope you enjoy the read – be sure to let us know by emailing [email protected].

Dennis Hosking
Founder & Managing Director
FITREC & HealthyPeople

 Layne Beachley, AO

You may think the difference between being a world champion and not being a world champion comes down to experience, technique or knowledge. But from my personal experience, it came down to one of the most overlooked elements for success: having a growth mindset.

Steve Grant

Discover six customer experience strategies that can help you boost member retention in the long-term.


Heres where you can catch up on the key fitness industry news, and share your own!

Ryan Hogan & Sarah Shortt

Discover the secrets to timetabling success from the GFM at one of the world's leading group fitness clubs.

 Brad Sheppard

Explore four ways to grow and scale your $2,000 a week income in to $5,000+ a week.

Tino Lena

With the industry's current recruitment challenges, it's never been more valuable to understand the benefits of having an 'always on' recruitment mindset.

Ian O'Dwyer

Good tissue health is essential because healthy tissues enable us to move, feel and live better, plus it plays a critical role in recovery and wellbeing.

 Marie Anagnostis

Enjoy this humorous guide to being friends with a fitness professional.

Tommy Trout

Understand the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and exactly what it can mean to fitness professionals and businesses.

 Dr Sophie Heywood, PhD

Explore how aqua-based activities can help keep people with a history of knee issues, engaged in exercise for the long-term.


Get to know the industry's leading suppliers so we can make our friends, your friends too.


Here’s a recap on why we felt the expiry date had arrived on those traditional CEC/PDP business models.


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